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Norge House is a company that manufactures and installs high-quality timber frame houses, according to the high standards and technology developed by the group, whose plant has been operating in Norway for many years. In Norway, houses like these have been built for centuries and have proven their longevity and energy efficiency for many years. Timber frame houses are durable in all climates because the main source of their production is the highest quality wood that is ecological and creates a pleasant microclimate in the room. The use of modern technologies in the production process will provide outstanding results when it comes to thermal insulation and increased fire safety. The quality of production is confirmed by all the necessary internationally recognized quality certificates.

Why choose a house made out of timber frame?

In recent years, timber frame houses have become highly recognized and demanded throughout the European territory. This is largely due to the low cost of production and short installation time of timber frame structures. The cost for manufacturing timber frame structures is considerably lower than the cost you will have to count on when choosing to build a concrete structure. Timber frame houses are durable in all climate conditions. These houses will be warm during the coldest of winters and you will feel great living in them during the hottest of summers, as they use technology that provides a natural microclimate in their premises. The time period for production of our timber frame panels from the time of our clients preorder to the finished product, depending on the workload of the plant, is 4-6 weeks, while the building installation (assembly) takes an average of 3 - 5 days. This factor will save you both time and money considerably.

In the developed countries such as Scandinavia, Canada, US - 90% of the population choose to build houses made out of timber frame and according to the research data in Latvia, one in three people chooses to build a house made out of timber frame. 

Global export of modern timber frame houses!

Timber frame design and technology has grown rapidly in the past 40 years. Nowadays a modern timber frame building can overcome the construction of concrete buildings, which is the most commonly used construction method in the southern countries in both private and multi-story buildings.  Despite the fact that timber frame technology is well known in the southern countries, so far it has been used more directly in the northern parts of Europe and the United States.

Often when a timber frame structure is mentioned in a conversation with a person from the south, the first association that comes to his mind is "a wooden house?!".  

When it comes to building a timber frame house the impression is that the house will be built recklessly, quickly, superficially, the construction will be temporary and perhaps this type of construction is a way to circumvent strictly defined building planning regulations - claiming that the building is built for a short term, but  actually this isn't so.

A modern timber frame constructions are something completely opposite to the above-mentioned "wooden houses". At Norge House, we manufacture timber frame houses that are significantly different from the construction of the above-mentioned wooden house constructions.

In fact, nowadays a person can be standing in a building made from timber frame but not even be aware of it. When driving down the street and passing building by building one may not realize that they can be built out of timber frame. Most hotels in the Europe are made out of timber frames and timber frame technology is used in the construction of modern high-rise buildings.


Below are some of the priorities that are ensured by the modern Norge House frame constructions in comparison to  masonry building constructions.


  • Fast production – timber frame constructions do not take time to dry due to the lack of concrete in the manufacturing process, there are no delays in construction due to bad weather conditions because the frame constructions are manufactured at the factory. Inside works can be done right after the house installation (assembly) has been done. All of this makes the house construction much faster. 

  • Efficiently –  efficiency results from timber frame that has been pre-fabricated (at the factory) – this ensures that the frame will be manufactured in a dry and clean production facility atmosphere giving space to precise, industrial production with high precision and applied methods with experience of many years, this all reduces the risk of manufacturing errors. The construction site is much more vulnerable to building waste, which can cause environmental pollution.

  • Environmentally friendly  – well-managed forestry, which isolates the carbon from the atmosphere, actually contributes positively to the improvement of the environment compared to masonry structures, which contribute to the high consumption of water resources in the construction of masonry buildings, as well as large quantities of fuel consumed by transportation.

  • Benefits / Priorities - timber frame buildings are easier to modify/upgrade. For example: it is easier to change, improve the internal layout of a building. It is easier to insulate timber frame buildings because it is easy to fill the frame with insulation and if a necessity occurs with additional insulation. Correctly placed materials in timber frame structures contribute to a smooth heat exchange, which makes it easier to exclude the possibility of cold bridge occurrence in the construction. All internal communications can be hidden inside the carcass (electric cables, sewer pipes, etc.), which makes it easier to fit furniture in the corners of the house, in places where it would not fit in masonry structures. When it comes to the availability of communications during the repair works, they will be easily accessible, as the frame construction is covered from the inside by a gypsum board that can be easily replaced. Building constructions made out of timber frame are very flexible and adaptable - constructions can be built with domes and curved shapes. Timber frame buildings are permanent buildings that will serve for centuries to come.

  • Lightweight construction –  in house construction, different solutions can be used to construct foundation which are lighter, faster to install and more friendly price wise in comparison to masonry buildings.

  • Mold and termites? - forget about mold and termites, because the materials used in timber frame structures are pre-fabricated to prevent mold, fungi or unexpected guests, termites.

  • Increased fire hazard due to the use of timber? - Forget about the high risk of fire hazard, in fact, wooden structures are much more fireproof and safe in events such as fire and even earthquakes than masonry buildings.  

  • How will the amount of heat generated in a timber frame construction, heat spread, heat capacity affect me?  - Great question! House construction with a high thermal mass or thermal capacity provides protection against high and low temperatures - the amount of heat at night can cool down or heat up the temperature at home. If the house is unable to distribute the amount of heat received, for example during the summer period, then a house with a high heating capacity can become an encumbrance. Team Norge House taking into account the recommondations of the Scandinavian companies experienced in the construction of timber frame buildings has tremendously improved the timber frame house structures to a level where the frame is technologically adapted to different situations and using high quality thermal insulation and with a thorough, well planed house design this all  ensures house protection against extreme temperatures.


Living in a house made from the timber frame is a living in an energy efficient, environmentally friendly and safe house.







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