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It consists of a dense, plate-shaped gypsum mass and a cardboard covering from both sides, ensuring the strength of the plate. Plasterboard or (gypsum board) is a ready-made material for mounting, which is only to be fastened directly on a metal profile or a wooden frame. On the bases of plaster board you can  make almost any  decorative finish. Plasterboard sheets provide effective application in soundproofing structures that is a very important aspect in house building.  Nowadays it can also be used in so called floating floor construction - indoor wall and ceiling cladding , long edge with a recess for filling.

Norgips GU wind protection plate

Designed to protect the outer walls of buildings from wind energy and improve thermal insulation. The benefit of using the plate in construction is that it provides additional fire protection. Side edges of the plate are covered with cardboard and are cut in straight edges. The plate itself is treated with moisture-retaining substances and is covered with spacial cardboard.


OSB moisture resistant boards are wooden fiber boards with high durability and good price / performance ratio. The formaldehyde-free glue is used in the manufacturing process of the board, due to which the formaldehyde content in the plates is as natural as wood.  High durability is achieved by placing the layers of plates scobs in different positions against one another. OSB boards are used - in floors, roofs, wall constructions, furniture production, packaging materials etc.

  • The bonding of multiple layers of OSB boards provides outstanding dimensional stability and durability.
  • High load bearing capacity with high bending resistance and tensile strength.
  • High anti-deformation strength.
  • Can be easily cut and secured using conventional woodworking tools.
  • Can be varnished or painted and can be glued with any adhesive for wood.
  • Can be made on an individual order according to specific requirements for the thickness and size of the panels.
  • Better thermal insulation properties compared to similar building materials.
  • Extremely low levels of formaldehyde - ecological safety class E1.
  • High wearout resistance.
  • Practically does not scatter and does not deform.
  • Beautiful natural wood surface.
  • Smooth structure without scratches and cavities.
  • Very smooth surface and even color.
  • Application depends on the thickness - for roofs, walls, floors (in wet and dry rooms).

Paroc rockwool products are able to withstand high temperature exposures. The binding components start to evaporate when the temperature is above 200°C. The thermal insulation properties remain unchanged, but the compressive strength decreases. The softening temperature in rockwool products is more than 1000°C. Thermal conductivity λD = 0.036 W / mK PAROC eXtra (rockwool is meant for building insulation, to increase thermal insulation). Manufacturer - Paroc Group.

Timber used in the production Specially selected spruce, pine and Siberian larch trees are used in the production of the manufacturing kit, the quality of which is confirmed by an internationally recognized quality mark.  C24 strength class wooden materials are used in the house frame constructions.

Diffusion membrane Breathable diffusion membrane with microgaps. Combines several plastic film properties: protects thermal insulation and wooden structures from water and ensures fast exit of moisture from roof constructions. Used in sloping insulated roofs and walls as windshield and waterproofing film. When applied to the rockwool, has to be placed with the inscriptions on the outside, putting the white side of the film closer to the rockwool, gluing the overlaps with the Tyvek tape. It is advised to isolate the nails in the roof construction with small inclination using Tyvek Nail tape. Country of origin: Luxembourg.



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