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Construction stages

Construction stages - step by step.

1. Project selection

 You can find amazing house projects on our website or submit your own version, which you believe to be the most suitable for your needs and land.


2. Consultation

By contacting us, we agree on your arrival time to answer all of your questions, explain about the benefits of our offer and what you shall receive if you order the construction project manufactured by our company.


3. Contract

The production contract is signed that specifies:

A)  The price that consists of 10% in advance payment from the total amount of construction costs (so that your order is placed in the production schedule, then we will be able to develop a production project specifically for the product of your choice and for your chosen location.), which takes 2 to 4 weeks, depending on the seasonal load. Next payment according to the contract is 50% of the total amount of construction cost, as soon as we receive it we can start the production of the manufacturing house package. When the production of the frame is complete, you will be able to come to the factory to check your order and pay the remaining 40% of the construction cost.

B) The deadlines, which we will agree to according to your needs and our work load.


4. Approving the project with the local building authority

While we develop the production project, your job is to find an architect (if you haven’t already) and start developing your project. When you have selected and agreed upon a certain project development with your architect, he can start the development of the technical project and in parallel we can start working on manufacturing project technical documentation.


5. Manufacturing can start

When your house project has been developed and matched by the local building authorities we can start the manufacturing process of the frame.


6. Beginning of the construction

First thing you need to do is establish the foundation, which Norge House doesn’t do itself, as we are manufacturers, who work with timber frame solutions. One of three solutions for the foundation can be applied:

• foundation plate,

• strip foundation,

• screw piles.


7. Delivery of the construction and montage

Once the foundation is ready and the date of the construction work is approaching, we will load your construction into a truck and deliver it to your chosen location.  When signing the contract we will agree upon the terms of the constructions installation, each delivery location has its own specific, thus this service requires a separate charge and it will be stated in the contract additionally. Installation takes from 2 to 7 working days, depending on the project size and specific. When the building installation is completed you will receive a nearly finished building with walls, windows, roof construction covered with diffusion membrane, that will not allow any rain or snow to enter the building, and this is where the work of Norge House is complete.


8. Other installation work

Next will be the work that you can do by yourself or entrust it to a team of professionals. You will be left with a choice of the roof cover, which also needs to be installed, this can be done right after the construction process has been completed or even at the time of the building installation. Next, engineering network installation needs to be undertaken, electricity needs to be installed (if not agreed to before the construction process and already installed in the construction), water and sewage, as well as heating system.


9. Finishing works

When all the engineering networks have been installed, it is time for decoration work, which is completely up to you. When you are done with design, the only thing left is to move in and have a celebration to honor your new home.




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