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About us

Everything we do is what we believe in, houses that we have created are the best result of our work. They are low cost and made out of high quality and ecological materials that guarantee impeccable quality.

About us!

The Norge House brand has been developed in collaboration with partner companies from Scandinavia and gaining knowledge of timber frame structures from them. By taking over the years of experience, technology and quality control of these collaborators, Norge house has been able to offer its customers a quality product that is manufactured in Latvia. All of the construction units manufactured by Norge House are in line with modern, quality and throughout the time tested Scandinavian and European standards, which by default are used to build timber frame buildings around the world. Norge House is a progressive company that is using the knowledge acquired over the years to improve its design technology, which is already a step ahead of similar offers.


What we do?

Norge House is a company that manufactures and installs high quality timber frame houses according to the standards and technology developed by the concern. So far, Norge House has been cooperating with companies from Norway, but due to high demand it started manufacturing in Latvia and is developing trade routes in Europe offering high quality and attractive prices. Timber frame houses similar to the ones manufactured by Norge House have been built in Scandinavia for centuries and have proven their longevity and energy efficiency for many years. The use of up-to-date technology in the manufacturing process can ensure quality, durability and energy efficiency.  The quality of production is confirmed by all necessary (internationally recognized) material quality certificates. Our co-operation partners in project design are world-renowned design companies, who offer their finished projects at a low cost and also customize them directly according to your wishes. If you have a vision how your dream house should look, our designers will be able to make your dreams happen by turning your vision into a project and implement it in life.

We look forward to see you in order to answer all of your questions and help you fulfil the idea of building a dream house.







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